Victor Candelaria EGG ARTIST

About The Artist

Hello world.

     My name is Victor Candelaria and I am what people refer to as an egg artist. It is not a well-known medium like oils or clays, but very rewarding nonetheless.

     I started this art sort of by accident. Many years ago I was living with a friend who had two large indoor dogs that I was fiercely allergic to, so I was stuck in my room with little money and few friends to get me out of the house. One day I recalled a documentary I had seen a few years earlier about an artist who carved delicate designs in egg shell. I decided to borrow my friend’s rotary tool and bought a dozen eggs to give it a try . My first attempts were rudimentary at best but I was hooked and slowly invested in the proper tools and equipment to suffer less egg casualties from the chatter and heat the large electric hand pieces create. The hand piece I use rotates at approximately 400,000 rpm so the detail I can achieve is extraordinary and runs off of air from a small compressor.

     One day I did a basic internet search for “egg carvings” and discovered the emu egg. These eggs are very unique in that they are both very large and they come from the bird with a very dark shell. As the surface is carved, lighter shaded layers are revealed until the innermost white layer is reached. Creatively using these various layers allow me to get crisp detail and shading in all of the designs, especially portraits. Of course my art isn’t limited to just the emu egg. I also use duck and goose eggs depending on the design and customer needs and budgets. For the ambitious customers, I even have ostrich eggs.

     I encourage you to view and enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and don’t hesitate to request a design you see, or we can work together on a specific idea and theme you may have in mind. These make incredible gifts for that person everyone knows who already has everything. They also make great awards for your go getters at your workplace or a beautiful way to show your business logo in the display case. The goose and duck eggs come mounted on a stand and the stand is permanently mounted in a clear protective acrylic display box. All emu eggs come with a display stand.

Have a great day and thank you for visiting!